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Professional Membership

  • Professional Networking:

  • Access to professional networking events with a focus on connecting with industry experts and advancing your professional network.

  • Personal Mentoring:

  • Participation in personal mentoring programs to receive guidance and advice from experienced professionals.

  • Ideathon:

  • Participation in ideathons with a greater emphasis on problem-solving and innovative idea generation.

  • Codeathon:

  • Participation in codeathons with more advanced challenges and opportunities to showcase your coding skills.

  • Hackathon:

  • Participation in hackathons with a focus on complex problem-solving and innovation in a team-based environment.

  • Networking Support:

  • Enhanced networking support, facilitating connections with industry professionals and mentors.

  • Internship Assistance:

  • Support and guidance for finding and applying to relevant internship opportunities.

  • Job Assistance:

  • Support and guidance for job searching, resume building, interview preparation, and job applications.

  • Higher Education Support:

  • Enhanced support for pursuing higher education, including tailored advice and guidance.

  • Start-Up Support:

  • Resources, mentorship, and support for those interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own ventures.

  • Inspira (National Level Corporate Event):

  • Participation in Inspira with a focus on networking and engaging with high-level professionals and corporate entities.

  • Membership Discounts:

  • Access to exclusive discounts on a wider range of courses, services, or products.

  • Technical Workshops:

  • Participation in technical workshops to enhance your technical skills and stay updated with industry advancements.


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